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Law Enforcement & Military Discounts

Law Enforcement and Military Discount Program

Buckeye Tactical is proud to extend a 10% military and law enforcement discount to any active or retired peace officer or military personnel. In order to apply for the discount program please complete the following actions:

1) Send an E-mail to: service@buckeyeoptics.com with “DISCOUNT” in the subject field.
  • Please include proof of LE/MIL affiliation either with a copy of ID
  • Or through the use of an official .mil e-mail domain and write “see official e-mail domain” in the content field of the e-mail.
  • A copy of a veteran status card or DD214 is also acceptable.
2) Once we have your information directions on how to receive your 10% discount will be emailed to you.

3) You will now have a 10% discount applied to all future orders.

Note: Discount status is not retroactive to previous orders.